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House Call & Location Rates (within 30 miles of Charleston, South Carolina)

  • $120/hr first hour. (Clock starts when the tech arrives.)

  • $90/hr thereafter

  • $40 service call fee is applied to all jobs. 

  • Estimates for repair will be given at the start of a job, once the machine is inspected.  Will prioritize and put a cap on work as needed.

  • Mileage at $1/mile 

  • Parts are not included 

Shop Rates

  • $60/hr 

  • Large projects will be quoted beforehand. 

  • Shop Rates apply to games brought to Charleston Game Repair in Mt Pleasant, SC, and will need to be picked up when finished.

Game Pickup & Delivery ( If you can't bring it to us, we can Pickup & Deliver)

  • Pricing varies due to location, distance, and time required.  

  • Mileage rates apply 

  • Outside of Charleston, South Carolina area,  please contact us for a quote

Restoration Services 

  • Restorations are on a case-by-case basis (see the full list of details here)


CHARLESTON PINBALL REPAIR, covers all pinball machines for repair, from the 1930s to the present. Every and all manufacturers including  Williams, Bally, Gottlieb, Stern, Sega, Data East, Genco, Chicago Coin, Chicago Gaming, and Game Plan. 

As a lifelong PINBALL Player, with over 20 years of Pinball Repair experience, I will be happy to get my hands on your paddles and balls. 

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